Joyful inner & outer life change


From I was a child I wanted to work with people.

The calling to become a coach grew stronger and stronger the last 10 years,

and I changed and improved my life time and time again over that decade.


My thirst for learning about all aspects of life and being human, never stops.

Now, as  a certified Leadership by Heart Life Coach,

it is my greatest joy to be 

there for you,

in your life transformation.


Whether inner or outer circumstances needs to change, 

I´ve got the tools, and love being present with you.  


Since I´ve done the work and highs and lows of change,

I both relate and have deep compassion for you in hardship or uncertainty!

And I always enthusiastically cheer for you;

a firework of support and celebration,

as you create the life fulfillment

which you are so worthy of!

The Joyful Change Coaching guides you to:

  • Strengthen the connection between your body & awareness

  • Receive deeper answers from your hearts and intuition

  • Contain & release emotion and trauma 

  • Access the still space within

  • And much more!


Examples of coaching package:​​

  • Stop Digital Addiction (Get your brain back)

  • Take Care of  Your Inner Child(ren)

  • From Anxiety To Empowerment

  • Live From The Heart

  • Creativity Flow

  • Love Yourself​

We can also work on whatever is present for you that day.

All sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Through combining effective coaching modalities with an intuitive and pragmatic structure, I facilitate emotional healing and joyful change to happen. This is one of the most meaningful experiences for me, since I love creating safe space for people. And especially when clients access their personal truth, emotions and new awareness.


After the inner healing, it´s all about aligning life, with the more integrated version of you.


Feel free to schedule a free discovery talk.

What do you do now?

  • Send me a message about your interest in coaching.

Whatever your challenges, I am open to hear from you.


Don´t be shy, I would really love to talk to you!

Let´s see if it is a good fit to work together on your specific challenge.


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Leadership By Heart, Coaching Certification

Bodynamic, 7 Weekend Courses;

connection between the mental, emotional and somatic 

Rafael Cushnir Emotional Connection Certification, Weekend Course

Intuitive Connection Weekend Course 

Infreeland, 5 days trauma release course

BodyART Yoga Teacher Certification

TBP Meditation Teacher Certification

3 years as a dedicated modern meditation munk 



Emberglow and Ojas & Isaiba, Flutist, singer & songwriter in the ensembles

More info:

Music Bachelor (NTNU)

Music Educator Teacher Training (Barratt Due Music Institute)

Workshop leader of 100+ workshops at Popsenteret in Oslo

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