ISAIBA //  Kine Isachsen



Welcome to coaching with Kine

Do you feel insecure, have low energy or high stress levels?

These are some things I can help solve together with you, and also support and guide you to

  • Live your happiest and healthiest life

  • Feel centered and at peace with yourself

  • Find clarity while making choices

  • Give you tools to bring out inner strengths

  • Know your career purpose

  • Better important relationships

  • Face anxiety and fears

I am dedicated to

  • Walk the way with you and support you

  • Get a clear understanding about your challenges

  • Working through the challenges, emotions and inhibiting thought patterns

  • Guiding you to trust your own answers 

  • Transforming the blockages in the way of your desired life

I am Kine Isachsen; Isaiba, a Norwegian certified life coach, and also a meditation, yoga and music teacher. I am based in Oslo. You can read about my certifications here.


In my online coaching I combine effective coaching modalities with an intuitive and pragmatic structure. In this way emotional healing and positive change can happen for clients.

Feel free to schedule a free talk, no strings attached, just to see if you can benefit from my support and help.

How coaching works:

  1. We schedule a free talk on phone, Zoom or Skype 

  2. We decide if we want to work together 

  3. I make a plan for the next sessions  

  4. We work directly on solving the challenges in the sessions 

  5. If you want, we plan in detail how you can acquire new habits and breaking through emotional or mental blockages in between the sessions. 

Examples of coaching package focuses:

- From Anxiety To Empowerment

- Stop Digital Addiction (Get your brain power back)

- Creativity Bloom

- Building Self Confidence

Whatever you want to work on, I am open to hear from you. Send me an email, and we can talk together and se if it is a good fit to work together on your spesific challenge.

-       -



"Kine's energy is gentle and refreshing, her approach is both intuitive and comprehensive, and she is fully receptive and open. She's like a great river, one soft enough to encourage you to easily release your toughest burdens - and one powerful enough to take those enormous burdens, allowing them to gently float away downstream.


Kine helped me let go of old fears and judgments like none had done before. She helped me get in touch with one of my most vulnerable aspects in an entirely loving way. It had been so long since I had felt such a strong inner glow as I did after our call, she makes true magic.


I am so grateful to have gotten the kind offer to work with Kine. She changed my perspective, my internal world, and the trajectory of my life."

Sarah S, Pacific Northwest - USA

«Kine er en helt nydelig person som møter deg med en ekte nysgjerrighet og omtanke,noe som danner en trygg ramme rundt coachingen. Hun har en egen evne til å, på en varsom og kjærlig måte,

gjøre det lett og ufarlig å åpne opp. Hun stiller spørsmål som hjelper deg til å sette ord på det som er utfordrende, og guider deg på en skånsom måte gjennom hele prosessen.»

Regina, Oslo - Norway

"Kine er en dyktig, tilstedeværende og nydelig person som hjalp meg med med å finne gode måter å komme i kontakt med følelsene mine og finne frem til hva de har å fortelle meg. Hun fikk meg også til å se mitt eget potensiale og finne tilbake til min arbeidslyst. Tusen takk, Kine!»

Line, Oslo - Norway

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